Desserts are about creativity, not ingredients. They are the endgame of every meal. If you want your social event in King’s Landing to be a success, you bake or you die.

Winterfell Biscuits

Northern Brown Soda Bread

Undying Cake

Long-Range Berry Balls

The Pact Cookies

Hammer of the Waters

War Strawberries

Grilled Orange

Grilled Canary Melon with Passion Fruits

Love is Blind Tart

Blue Gems Cake

Killer Cookies

Wardeness of the North

Sansa's space cake


Cersei's Éclairs

Septa's Sin

Meringue White Walkers

The Rock Strudel

Twin Biscuits

Cersei's Braid

Giant's Eye Cookies

The Queen's Colors

Crown Cake


Storm's End Tart

Midsumer Night's Cookies

Night Cake

Golden Ridge

Fury Cake

Royal Pancake

Resurrection Bread


John Snow's Vanilla Snow

Riverrun Bread

Rivers Cookies

Crispy Dates from Yunkai

Sweet Sand Strips

Sweet Earth

Volantis Delight

Highgarden Bread

Moonsingers Biscotti