Recipes from the Reach


The Reach cuisine is considered responsible for the rapid spread of the Faith of the Seven throughout Westeros. One bite of a Reach dish can make anyone believe in God. Seven times over.

Desserts from the Reach


Anything is possible if you have patience, imagination and an unlimited supply of fresh eggs.

The Mother Sauces of Reach Cuisine


The seventh sauce is the best of them all. It can be tasted only once because its main ingredient is water from the fountain of the Many Faced God.

Highgarden Bread

Forbidden Dish

The Reach Potatoes

Boeuf Stroganoff

Reach Onion Soup

Boeuf Bourguignon

Coq au Vin

Duck l' Оrange

Lobster Bisque

Croque Loras

Potato Au Grаtin

Mussels Mariniere