Every Game of Thrones realm has a signature vegetable. Potatoes in the Vale, tomatoes in Dorne and beetroots in the North. Even the Thenn respect vegetables. Do you?

Warlock Bread

Falcon Corn

Dish of No Dishes

Undying Cake

Sansa's Salsa

Moraq Gold

Tears of the Sorrowful Men

Lord Varys First Love

Grilled Orange

Grilled Avocado with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

Roasted Tomato Soup

Unsullied Recipe

Harpy Eggs

Yellow Shrimps

Grilled Canary Melon with Passion Fruits

Slave Feast Food


Bloody Margaery

Midsumer Night's Cookies

The Green Taste

Viserys' Mussels

Royal Pancake

Baby Viserion's Shrimps

Wade Soup

Rhoynar Legacy

Sweet Sand Strips

Stepstone Bites

Sweet Earth

Oldtown's Baked Cheese

Highgarden Bread

Meereen Milk

Kissed by Fire

Thenn Potatoes

Frostfangs Onion

Foreign Woman Salad

Fire Sticks

Durrandons' mix

Cheese on the Road

Myr Crafted Salad

Qartheen Salad

Haunted Forest

Winter Apples

Cheese on Spikes

Kid Zone Breakfast

Climber's Sustenance

Wake the Dead Lemonade

Hill Potatoes

Warg Potatoes

Fig and Olive Tapenade

Lady Olenna's Garden Hors d'oeuvre II

Lady Olenna's Garden Hors d'oeuvre I

Tyrell Rose Vegetables

North Meets South Cocktail

Weirwood Smoothie

Green Smoothie

The Reach Potatoes

Heart of Fire Bruschetta

Potato Au Grаtin

Water Dancer Caponata

Thenn Wild Rice

Margaery Tyrell Fruit Cake (a.k.a the Margaery Tart)

Cersei's Éclairs

Summer Sun

Magnar's Salad

Golden Flowers

Lobster Bisque