Fusion Recipes from the Game of Thrones  World

Every realm in Westeros and Essos has distinct history, traditions and cuisine. There are lemons in Dorne, spices in Qarth, not much in the North and everything in King's Landing. The variety of pastries in the Reach is ever growing and the seafood risotto in Braavos is to die for.


10 recipes

The Lovely Lys is known worldwide for the beauty of its women and the food prepared in honor of the Love Goddess.

Recipes from the Reach

14 recipes

The Reach cuisine is considered responsible for the rapid spread of the Faith of the Seven throughout Westeros. One bite of a Reach dish can make anyone believe in God. Seven times over.

Beyond the Wall

3 recipes

Recipes from the Riverlands

8 recipes

If travelling to the Seven Kingdoms, plan a visit to a Riverlands folks fest. Fill your heart with joy and your belly with bread and ale!

Recipes from the Westerlands

9 recipes

Lose yourself in the clouds! Visit the Westerlands for a once in a lifetime mountain hike, unique music and endurance food.

King's Landing Cookbook

11 recipes

400 years ago Aegon I landed with his troops on an insignificant patch of land. Since then the city has grown to be unsurpassed in splendor, size, importance and refined cuisine.


12 recipes

Qarth, the Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be, has been a center of civilization and food innovations ever since the dawn of time.

Recipes from the Vale

10 recipes

Food from the Stormlands

9 recipes

Visit the Stormlands and discover the charm of floods! Don't taste or smoke anything you cannot pronounce.

Dorne Unbroken Food Tradition

17 recipes

Dorne is famous for its wines, fruits and vegetables, such as the famous dragon peppers. The Rhoynish influence in the traditions and cuisine of Dorne is still powerful.

đťasked Recipes from Braavos

5 recipes

Braavos is a place of ethnic diversity and religious tolerance. But what travelers never forget is its beauty!

Winter is Coming

5 recipes

One of the Old Goddesses worshiped in the North is Photosynthesis. There wasn't much life Before Her.

Victuals from the Iron Islands

2 recipes

What makes an Ironborn is actually fatty fish and root vegetables. The Iron Islands diet protects against heart disease and helps brain activity.

Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen

15 recipes

The proud heirs of the old Ghiscari Empire are eager to keep their forefathers' traditions, including the culinary ones.