Favorite Recipes of Game of Thrones  Characters

It is cook or die in Game of Thrones. See what food your favorite character prefers. It is a less well known fact that Melisandre hates soup and Tyrion loves making the eight in more than one way. Pick your character and cook on.

Jon Snow's Antifood

5 recipes

Jon eats ice cream and hot soup with equal delight. May they help him prevail!

Queen Daenerys' Carte du Jour

8 recipes

The rightful Queen of Westeros has traveled all over Essos, choosing not only the best armies, but also the best meals.

White Walkers' Menu

8 recipes

We are Winter itself. We will extinguish all the flames. No boiling. No frying. No baking. We are the ones that will endure.

Margaery's Favorites

7 recipes

Margaery chooses food and drink that match her status and ambition.

Jaqen H'ghar Kill Foods

4 recipes

The many faced God has lots of faces, some of them are really fond of spirits (not the actually spiritual ones), greeneries and ground meat. Those faces Jaqen H'ghar likes the most.

The Children of the Forest Superfoods

8 recipes

The Children of the Forest can change their metabolism at will and endure long periods of time without food. When they do eat, it's magic!

Tyrion's Eight

8 recipes

Eight dishes from the Seven Kingdoms. Quite fitting for the character that traveled around the Realm and its many pleasure houses.

Sansa's Light and Dark Recipes

6 recipes

No wonder Sansa was down during the longest Summer in living memory. Winter has always been her season!!

Dragon Food

5 recipes

The surprising truth about dragons is they like their food cooked. This is the reason they started breathing fire.

Ygritte's Quick Recipes

4 recipes

Ygritte rarely cooks something more elaborate than a roasted rabbit. It might only happen if a) it is summer and there are forest fruit, or b) she wants to enjoy dinner in a hot spring cave.

Arya Stark Sharp Foods

6 recipes

Arya has very sharp taste, almost as sharp as a blade through the stomach.

Melisandre's Cookbook

9 recipes

Melisandre's BBQ. Tips and tricks from a pro griller.

The Sand Snakes' Preferences

4 recipes

The infamous Sand Snakes are well-traveled and experienced in the arts of war and food preparation.

Loboda's Side Dishes

6 recipes

Plants are major deities in the Thenn pantheon. Contrary to a common misconception, the Thenn believe that consuming plants, not the occasional crow, vitalizes the spirit.

Lady Olenna's Menu

8 recipes

Lady Olenna's life of privilege has not clouded her reason. Quite the contrary, she knows brain food when she sees it.

Red Viper's Card

5 recipes

The prince of Dorne has an interest in fights, love and food. The latter can be shared without offending modesty.

Bran Stark's Castle and Forest Food

5 recipes

During his journey, Bran gradually left behind the reality of food. In a vision under the Weirwood tree, he moved on to see the idea of food - an electron transport chain.

Queen Cersei's Specialties

8 recipes

Queen Cersei shares her food, bed and power only grudgingly. They are that good!